Hmm…surprised I haven’t seen this sooner.


Hmm…surprised I haven’t seen this sooner.

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It’s going to be a Matt Taylor-stravaganza over at Comic Con next week! In addition to the Sunset Overdrive print I just blogged about, here’s something else from Mondo.

Batman: The Animated Series is rightly regarded as one of the high-points of animation of the last twenty years, and as part of the ongoing Batman 75 celebrations, Mondo are releasing a limited 7” of the title score for the show. There are going to be a bunch of variants, of which my Harley Quinn piece above is one.

This was a huge amount of fun to draw, especially the Joker singles scattered across the floor. As before, these will be on sale at San Diego Comic Con next week - follow Mondo on Twitter for more info.

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Beasts of the Southern Wild by Rich Kelly


Beasts of the Southern Wild by Rich Kelly

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My dog, yellow lion and his buddy ‘the professor’. My daughter stole an egg from our neighbours hen house and It bonded with yellow lion. It sleeps on his head at night and he kills any rats that try and eat the professor.

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Black Ghost sculpture in Klaipeda, Lithuania by S. Plotnikovas and S. Jurkus.

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Matthew Simmonds.

These breathtaking sculptures are carved right out of the rock by artist Matthew Simmonds and they’ve really left me in awe.  See more below!

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Eyvind Earle

Eyvind Earle (April 26, 1916 – July 20, 2000) was an American artist, author and illustrator, noted for his contribution to the background illustration and styling of Disney animated films in the 1950s. He began his prolific career at the age of ten when his father, Ferdinand Earle, gave him a challenging choice: read 50 pages of a book or paint a picture every day. Earle choose both.

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